Monday, 11 September 2017

BNPL: Match & League Updates: Service Disruption.

Due to holidays there will be a disruption to the service provided between 18th Sept and 6th October

It is anticipated that the normal pre-match post will be published on this site and also on Bulls News.

However it is unlikely that reminder emails, sent out a few hours prior to kick off, will be sent.

Also the league will be updated following the FA Cup 2nd Qualifier of 16th September but will not be updated again until after the league match played on the 7th October.

This disruption will affect the following matches;

*Wed Sept 20th:   Westfields (h) (HFA)  Double Points.
  Sat Sept 23rd :    Weymouth (a) (League)
  Wed Sept 27th:   Frome (a) (League)
*Sat Sept 30th:     Dunstable (h) (League)  Double Points.
Sat Oct 7th:          Dorchester (h) (league)

* Note: These fixtures may change due to FA Cup involvement. There may also be an additional FA cup replay game Tue 3rd or Wed 4th.
This could be a very busy period with a number of double points games and Sat 30th could be triple points if a cup game.  Please don't miss out.

Remember you can always send in predictions for more than one match on an email in advance.

Finally a word of warning:  Some entries have been sent to the incorrect email. Please ensure it is bullSnews with an s and not bullnews.



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