Scoring & Rules: 2017/18

The aim is very simple: Guess the score, attendance and the first Hereford goal scorer for each Hereford game.

Scoring is as follows:
Also see example below.

·             Correct score-line – 5 points
·             Correct number of HFC goals - 1 point
·             Correct Result (W,L,D) – 3 points
·             Correct attendance - 5 points
·             Guess 50 either way of the attendance - 2 points
·             Guess 100 either way of the attendance - 1 point
·             Predict First Hereford goal scorer – 5 Points *
·             Selected first goal scorer scores any Hereford goal – 2 Points *1

*   Includes no goal scorer and own goal.
*1 Excludes no goal scorer.
For cup games, the points are determined on the score after 90 minutes.
Double points will be awarded for cup matches and the final league games of each month.
Triple Points will be awarded if the last game of the month is a cup game.

·             One entry per username per email address (unless specifically stated that two people are using the same email address i.e. a Father & Son).
·             Predictions cannot be amended after first submission*
·             Try to ensure that your entry is clear for which result you are predicting.
·             You may predict for more than one game at a time should you so wish.
·             Entries to be submitted, by email, no later than 30 minutes before scheduled kick off time.
·             Entries can also be submitted in writing and in person to BanburyBull no later than 15 minutes before scheduled kick off time.

* In the event of a postponement, you will have the opportunity to amend your prediction up until 24 hours before the rearranged game kicks off.

Example Prediction, Result and Points.

Hereford 2 – 0 Other
Att: 3000
Scorer: John Mills

Match Result:
Hereford 2 – 0 Other
Att: 3000
First Scorer: John Mills
Other Scorers: John Mills, Jimmy Oates

Points gained:
Correct Score – 5 points
Correct result – 3 points
Correct Attendance – 5 points
First Goal Scorer – 5 points
Additional Scorers – 2 points
Total points: - 20 (18)* points.  (This is the maximum for a single points match.)

40 (36)* points if a double match and 60 (54)* points if a triple match.

* Figures in brackets are if Hereford fail to score at least two goals.

League Positions will be decided by;
Total Points.
Least Matches Entered.
Total Score / Result Points.
Total Scorer Points.
Total Attendance Points.

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